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Cellphone, Bluetooth and reddit rant

Got a new cellphone today, a Nokia 6300. Pretty nice phone, except I can’t get the SyncML support to work on my Linux system… SyncML over OBEX is reported several times not to work, although the OpenSuSE wiki claims it should work… Most sources say one should use the gnokii OpenSync plugin, which does work, but has one major drawback: even when configuring the phone only to use it’s internal memory for contact list storage, the gnokii plugin will also sync the SIM content, which I copied to the phone memory. Result: duplication in my Evolution contact list. I guess I should patch libopensync-gnokii adding a configuration field providing the possibility to select only one storage container? Or try to figure out whether the Novell/SuSE guys have a patch for libsyncml?

Does anyone know whether there’s a Tango-style theme for this device? ;-)

Little unrelated rant: thanks to my blog statistics I found out my recent article on AJAX form validation with Django got featured on I also saw some people commented on my article over there, comments on which I’ll reply later. Now I was wondering, why do people leave comments over there, and not beneath the blog entry, where everyone interested in the subject can easily find it, get into the discussion, the blog author will certainly read your comment, reply on it (as most likely he doesn’t read news-site X where user Y can post his comment, or news-site Z where Q posts his comments, etc, or he got no account on X or Z to be able to reply),… It’s as if I’d start my very own secret little webpage where I put links to all blog entries I want to comment on, and write the comment on that page, but don’t even do any trackback ping *sigh*

Oh and, those claiming AJAX form validation is bad: indeed, in some cases it is, except when you, eg, want to do “check username isn’t already registered”-style validation. If you’d have commented on the right place, we could have discussed this where it was appropriate.

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  1. fizze says


    As i believe the 6300 is a S40 phone, you might like this tango theme:

  2. Nicolas says

    Looks cool, will definitely try it! I didn’t know this S40 thing is standard, nor provides cellphone themes :-)

  3. Dennis Fisher says

    I’m not entirely sure, but I think commenting at Reddit can increase some Karma score or something. I’m not certain that commenting stories does affect Karma, but if so, it’s Reddit that’s encouraging commenting on Reddit and not here.

  4. Adam Williamson says

    You may also be interested in this:

    The tango theme looks a bit…unpolished. Personally I like the default Nokia theme.

  5. Nicolas says

    Checking out, thanks Adam!

    I really like the grey-style theme myself a lot, too.

  6. Nicolas says

    Dennis: indeed, which is (imho) the main problem with sites like reddit, and all possible similar sites, even including /., arstechnica, digg and the others.

  7. Vax says

    Reddit doesn’t give you any “points” from comments. It does give you a potentially wider audience. Oh, and threaded comments, which most blogs are missing.

  8. Vax says

    Also, your comments don’t sit there waiting for moderation.

  9. Patrick Ohearn says

    What tool did you use to sync using opensync and the gnokii plugin?
    Also, what does/did your gnokiirc contain when you were using opensync to sync?
    Because I seem to be unable to sync with my 6300 using gnokii.

  10. Nicolas says

    Vax: comments under posts should give you the widest audience, as all visitors (also from other aggregators etc) can see it easily.

    Moderation: just once for every email address. Maybe I should disable this and rely on Akismet only, dunno. Don’t think that’s such a huge issue.

    You’re right about the threaded comments.

  11. Nicolas says


    • gnokii-0.6.14-r2
    • libopensync-plugin-gnokii-0.22
    • libopensync-0.22
    • msynctool-0.22

    I’m not using any gnokiirc, but a config like this (for the gnokii part of my N6300 group):

      <port>XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (change this)</port>
  12. Patrick Ohearn says

    I have added the gnokii-sync and evo2-sync plugins as members to my N6300 group and have configured the N6300 group following your configuration (It provided me the correct XML using msynctool –configure anyway). But when I try to run “msynctool –sync N6300″ I get, ERROR: No synchronizable objtype.

    My phone is plugged in and has bluetooth activated, and is paired with my system as I can send files to and from the phone. Did you run into this issue?

  13. Patrick Ohearn says

    Fixed, all is working well Syncing both ways now, for contacts and events :)

  14. Nicolas says

    Patrick: what was the fix, and how do you handle SIM and phone memory overlap?

  15. Patrick Ohearn says

    The fix was to setup again following the guide on the opensync site, and setting a default config for evo2-sync. I can’t handle that overlay, I also get that overlap :( . You could talk to the gnokii guys on their mailing list to do it on gnokii side.

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