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More Wii innovation: head tracking

Someone just sent a mail to the xorg and compiz mailing lists, pointing to this YouTube video regarding a new way of (ab)using the Nintendo Wii to control a virtual environment. If you didn’t see it yet, check it out, it’s rather impressive:


I don’t know whether this could actually be useful in a pure desktop environment, but for games (although I’m no gamer myself) I could imaging this offers a whole new spatial experience. Up to Nintendo or third-party vendors to design and commercialize the necessary gadgets or remotes.

Too bad there’s not enough empty space around our TV at home, otherwise I think I’d buy a Wii, love the tennis game ;-)

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  1. Anonymous says

    How about around a monitor with a composite, S-video, or component inputs?

  2. menesis says

    where’s the link to, or embed of youtube?

  3. Nicolas says

    It should be in there, but maybe the fact I use some WP plugin to display YouTube embeds is set-up to generate XHTML compliant code, and your browser doesn’t like this. I’ll switch it off.

    @Anonymous: actually I got one of those, but it’s rather small (17″ TFT monitor)

  4. Marius Gedminas says

    One thing about Gnash is that it can cope with videos directly on YouTube, but shows only a useless white rectangle if you try to embed them somewhere else.

  5. OasisGame says

    Used in a pure desktop environment you say?


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