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First Clojure experiments

Some weeks ago I attended JavaOne (a pretty neat conference, even for non-Java-heads like me) and got in touch with several non-Java languages running on the JVM (nothing really new next to Project Fortress, but I never got into most for real).

Since I wanted to learn some language not resembling any other I already know (even a little), I decided some hours ago to start digging into Clojure, which is a LISP dialect running on the JVM using STM (Software Transactional Memory) and created with concurrency in mind. Check the website for more information.

After some hacking I got a first ‘application’ running. Since recently there’s been some little meme at work regarding echo servers, I decided to write a very basic line-oriented echo server in Clojure.

The result is a server using one thread per connection which just sends back lines to a connected client as-is. Nothing fancy, but might be a useful start for developing basic network applications using Clojure.


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  1. Michael Orlitzky says

    So, uh, where’s the code?

  2. Michael Orlitzky says

    Oh, nevermind. Not the first time NoScript has made me look like a retard.

    • Nicolas says

      No problem ;-) Maybe I should start to use some WP syntax highlighting plugin anyway, but I though LISP-style code really needs syntax highlighting to be readable for non-LISP people.

  3. Geert Audenaert says

    Where is the performance benchmark ?

    • Nicolas says

      None, first need to figure out what the characteristics to be benchmarked should be.

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