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Joined the Twitter train

Created a Twitter profile today, let’s see what it brings.

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  1. Craig says

    Join the openmicroblogging train! Federation FTW! or etc

  2. pinky says

    Yeah Craig! is the place where the free software people hang out and that’s the train nobody should miss who is a part of (or interested in) the free software movement.

  3. Greg K Nicholson says

    Twitter? Not Ah!—you’re trying to tell us that you hate freedom. I see.

  4. Nicolas says

    Guys, seriously, give me a break. I hardly ever heard about or similar services, all I knew is Twitter. Inducting I’d hate freedom because of giving Twitter a try might just be a too big step.

    I guess I’m not allowed to use GMail, GitHub (not that I use one of these, but well), Facebook, LinkedIn,,… heck, even the good old Google search service either?

  5. Mats Taraldsvik says


    Check -> wiki for free alternatives to most of those.. :)

    I think the hating freedom comment was a bit tounge-in-cheek… Didn’t you ever listen to LugRadio? ;)

  6. chuck says

    If you have two services that are at least equal but for the fact that one is open and Free and the other is a black box why not opt for the Free option?

    Let us know what you login is and we’ll follow you there;)

  7. Nicolas says

    Mats: no, I don’t listen to/watch pod/videocasts, I like to read things, since that goes much faster.

    Chuck: what’s more black box to Twitter than For the latter the source of the application being hosted is available, right, but the service itself is still a black box to me. For hosted services I think it’s much more important a public API is available, which is the case for Twitter as wel AFAIK (although I didn’t look at it yet).

    Anyway: although I’ll only use this is I manage to multiplex with Twitter as well.

  8. bruno says

  9. Caramoan says

    Twitter in some ways is much better than blogging. I love to Twitter my everyday activities on my friends and relatives.

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