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Got to love the open source communities…

Hanging around in recently, this just passed by:

15:28  <eikke> is it possible in linux to access partitions in an losetup’ed raw image?
15:29  <carldani>  eikke: yes, I wrote a kernel patch for that
15:29  <eikke> ah, patch :p i did it using –offset now, but thats kinda hackish
15:29  <carldani>  eikke: the easiest way is to use kpartx
15:29  <carldani>  eikke: that was impossible back then
15:30  <eikke> i see
15:30  <carldani>  eikke: kpartx -a /dev/loop0
15:30  <carldani>  eikke: that will give you /dev/mapper/loop0p1 /dev/mapper/loop0p5 etc
15:30  <eikke> cool
15:30  <carldani>  eikke: are you the eikke responsible for ivman?
15:31  <eikke> a long time ago, yes
15:31  <eikke> dont start the flames please :p
15:31  <carldani>  eikke: thanks! I’m still using it on my laptop

A helps out B, B helps out A, A writes something useful for B, B wrote something used by A, etc. Got to love the open source movement.

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  1. Aleks says

    I agree! This is what makes the open source community so great :)

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