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It’s finally public: Q-layer, the company I’m employed at, has been acquired by Sun (VirtualBox, MySQL, Java, OpenSolaris, SPARC,… You know). Press release here.

Pretty exciting times ahead. The social event with several guys from the Sun Cloud computing department (among others) last night was really fun, looks like Sun is one of those companies ensuring a pleasant work environment (which ensures the continuation of the spirit at Q-layer before). I’m really thrilled to see how this adventure continues, since it’s the first time I’ll be involved in a large company.

Hi to all Sun colleagues reading this, by the way :-)

Interesting times…

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  1. Glynn Foster says

    Welcome to the fold! :)

  2. Alberto Ruiz says

    Welcome aboard!

  3. Ghee Teo says

    Welcome, we may even meet in a Clound :)

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